Thursday, February 5, 2009


When you see your team making real progress, it is a most rewarding thing. Over the past month the incredible ABCTE team has blown past many of our goals. Each of these brings ABCTE closer to long term sustainability.

First, we already have 600 enrollments in 2009 which is incredible. Our fiscal year revenue is far exceeding our target and our fiscal year expenses are under our budget. Wall Street Banks take note – that is how you thrive and survive – higher revenue, lower costs. Wow – business rocket science from a non-profit.

Second, we have started welcome calls to all new candidates and have launched our new online orientation seminar. We have found that the candidates in our program who take one exam graduate at a much higher level. The goal is to keep these people excited about teaching and use that momentum to get them through our pretty tough program. The orientation is already receiving rave reviews from our candidates.

Third, we are totally revamping our candidate experience with new, more extensive study plans for our potential teachers. This will improve the performance of our teachers on exams and in the classroom and ensure we have more teachers available for school districts.

Fourth, the New Teacher Hotline podcast is back!! We have our latest installment. There are usually around 3,000 downloads of this free resource for any new teacher.

Fifth is some great press coverage of our in-state recruitment events in Missouri, Idaho and now South Carolina. The press wants to know who these people are and they are very interested in the number of people who are looking at teaching because of their economic situation. As a result of this great press, we have had record attendance at these events.

And sixth is increased state interest in using ABCTE as a job-retraining program to get displaced technical workers into the teaching profession at no cost to the state or district and minimal cost to the potential teacher.

In a steep recession, it is the teams that come together, get lean, move critical projects forward and work hard that will thrive and survive. With team we have here, we will be around for a very long time.

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