Monday, February 23, 2009

Education Problem Solving Revisited

Interesting three days in Arizona on the education “human capital” front. First there was an article on teacher shortages in Arizona followed the next day with an article on our attempts to get approved in Arizona. So you have a problem and you have a solution – what should that mean…..hmmmmm…..well for some it means you find ways not to implement that solution and instead find ways to stick with what you are doing now.

A bill to encourage alternative certifications introduced by Education Chairman Crandall passed out of committee 7 to 1. The one baffled me a little – his concern was that we did not have course work. Instead of our program where candidates work through a program and are screened by two rigorous tests BEFORE getting into the classroom, he advocates for letting anyone in the classroom and training them on the fly as higher quality which doesn't make much sense. Plus – if that was good enough wouldn’t the needs of Arizona’s students be met by those programs?

The only other resistance was around our meeting of Arizona standards even though we have had an independent analysis say that we meet their standards with our program.

People that don’t want change usually stick to an argument even if the argument is proved false. Based on the outcomes of today, it looks like there is a desire to solve the problem and not stick with things that are not working.

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