Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MO does equal momentum

First Missouri – now Utah. When people can honestly look at what is best for students and not look at the politics, things can actually get done in education. In 2004, Utah accepted ABCTE’s math certification as a pilot program. Friday, after seeing the quality of the teachers who complete our program and an exhaustive look at our exams, the Utah State Department of Education recommended that the Utah State School Board accept all the ABCTE certifications. And the School Board did just that.

This is outstanding. Utah is experiencing extreme shortages in all areas and this will allow us to help them recruit, prepare and certify more teachers for their classrooms.

The great part is that I didn’t have to do much except give them access to everything. They had some skeptics in the group that reviewed the program and the exams. But when they saw how we had translated outstanding standards into a very rigorous exam, they were ready to take our teachers.

We can really only take one more state this year due to the new work we have in Missouri and Utah to recruit teachers into the program.

But it is time to start working on the states for next year…….any thoughts?

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