Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Food in our state Capitals

OK – so it has nothing to do with education but after going to 28 different state capitals in the last 2 ½ years, I felt obligated to highlight the restaurant I enjoyed the most in each location. So if you are anywhere near Oklahoma City, you have to go to Leo’s BBQ and definitely save room for the vanilla cake that comes with your meal – it just melts in your mouth. Market Place Grill flies the crab legs into Salt Lake City and they are amazing. I love Greek Pizza and Arris’ has the best while you are in Jeff City. You have not been to Annpolis unless you have had steamers and crabs at Riverside out on the deck - too much fun. Best Red Beans and Rice is at Hal and Mal’s in Jackson. Six Feet Under is just plain fun in Atlanta and has that great down home cooking going. While at the Blue Agave in Phoenix, you have to get the guacamole made at the table. Hounddogs in Columbus has the best chili dogs by far and Union Oyster House has the best clam chowder.

They are sort of ranked in order and I know I will be adding to this list this year. I must admit that I enjoy visiting our state capitals and seeing the great history in each and tasting the food that is unique to that particular part of the country.


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