Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's about the students in Colorado

I had the pleasure of attending the Alliance for Choice in Education event in Denver this week. Many out there in the education world hate choice and think it is a bunch of rich white guys trying to foist their economic principles on the education system.

But in Denver it is about saving kids. ACE knows that they cannot save every child stuck in poverty, but they feel strongly that saving one at a time from a destiny of failure is a worthwhile cause.

Keep an eye on Colorado. There are some incredible people out there who really care about kids and that passion is creating results. Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) is putting resources there after an amazing start at the Democratic Convention. They don’t have vouchers, but they have school choice and they have over 150 charter schools that are getting results.

The Colorado legislature recently passed a bill to allow greater flexibility to the state school board on alternative teacher certification. There is also a much greater focus on dropout prevention AND they have a credit recovery programs that are getting some great attention.

There are signs that maybe, just maybe, people will continue to focus first on the students in Colorado and put the adults a distant second

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