Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Closing Ed Schools

When practicality wins over tradition in education it is a noteworthy event. So I want to take the time to applaud the University of the District of Columbia President Allen Sessoms for taking a stand to close their education school. He is analyzing all aspects of UDC to create a much better performing university. When he looked at the ed school he found that it had a graduation rate of less than 8% after 6 years.

The reason for this is that the students cannot pass the basic skills test that is required to graduate. Essentially 4-6 of the 150 students in early childhood education graduate each year. That is beyond dismal.

Yet there are people fighting him because they want to uphold the tradition of having an education school at UDC. And by “they” we of course mean Marion Barry who would rather have dismal teachers in DC Schools than no ed program at UDC. (and still can’t pay his taxes).

In difficult economic times all organizations must take a hard look at everything they do and continuing doing the things they do well and eliminate those areas that perform poorly. It is great to see that UDC is finally moving in the right direction.

Note: ABCTE is hoping to be accepted in DC soon

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Daleslife said...

This comment I find offensive and degrading. I do not believe that you should throw out the baby with the bath water in order to fix the problem. Find out why students are not passing the praxis exam, look at ways of educating students which I thought was the mission of this school. Doing away with the education programs will no solve the problems it would only create more. Dr. Sessoms has brought shock therapy to the University of the District of Columbia and because the students are pushing back along with the heroic efforts of Marion Barry, there is no reason for our school to be attacked with the type of garbage that is found in the posting praising Dr. Sessoms. Right on Councilman Barry for your courageous fight to save the integrity of the University of the District of Columbia.