Thursday, January 29, 2009

D'Arcy's death sandwich

We went to D’Arcy’s Pint last night in Springfield Illinois for a “horseshoe” - according to Wikipedia this sandwich originated in Springfield. It consists of a piece of Texas toast, covered with meat, then covered with French fries and topped with a secret cheese sauce. D’Arcy’s claims to have the best – and we were not disappointed. It certainly is not for the weak of heart as a heart attack cannot be far behind –but the fries were thin, wavy and crispy and the cheese was like some of the best queso I have had. I got a small and could only eat about 2/3 thirds of it. I don’t know how anyone could eat a large. But it was worth it. Now back to the gym to work off the fat. It comes in at number 12 and Springfield is the 31st state capital I have visited with ABCTE.

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